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Winter Challenge

Winter Challenge


2003 Team Rebecca

Please help save a life

Here's the deal. The reason behind the winter challenge is to help raise funds for Team Rebecca and The American Heart Association Run and Walk.    I challenge you to go outside  and either make a snow angle,  build a snowman, or simply have a snowball fight with a friend.   When  you come back inside, help save a life, help raise awareness and find a cure for heart disease by donating to Team Rebecca.

You can donate by using the donate button on the left or if you wish to donate 25.00 or more you can go to

Thank You.

You may be wondering why, like many people with heart defects, the winter months are extremely cold for us. Think of it like this. Growing up I was easily 10 degrees colder then you. On a nice summer day when your walking around in shorts and tank top, I'm still in jeans and a sweater. If it was 90, to me it was only 80, if that warm. So in the winter if it's 30 outside, it felt like 20 to me.

Bringing us back to snowballs, snowman, or snow angles. You see I never got to participate in snowball fights, one it was way to cold for me and two, I couldn't run and chase you any ways. I've never really built a snowman, or made snow angels. I would attempt but always had to retreat to the house and then usually sat on the heater just to warm up.

For the snow angle set up a video and record you making it or set up a camera with you laying in the snow making it and a photo of the finished snow angle.

For the snowman, just like before set up a video of you building the snowman, or set up a camera, take a picture of you building it and one of you and the snowman.

For the snowball fight - ask a friend if they would be willing to be hit with snowballs. If they agree the person throwing the snowballs agrees to donate to Team Rebecca. Then hopefully those two people change positions and again the one who is throwing the balls then agrees to donate. If you don't have any snow, that's OK. You can use water balloons instead.

Please share your photos with Team Rebecca's facebook page., I'll also post them on this website as well.

So lets all go outside make some snow angles, a snowman, or have a snowball fight and raise donations to the AHA!


My sister and I did the snowball challenge during the first snowfall we had.

Challenge Number 1. I Challenged my sister and she accepted.

Challenge Number 2. Melissa Challenged me, and I accepted.