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Rebecca had to wait 20 years for research to develop a device called the CardioSeal. That research and technology saved her life. Now we just want to make sure the next person doesn't have to wait 20 years.


2003 Team Rebecca

Please help save a life

Team Rebecca was formed in 2003 - The year Rebecca was one of the 3 Inspirational Honorees. How She was chosen to be and Inspirational Honoree was from Melissa's hard work and determination. Please read the section on about Rebecca to read her story.

That year Rebecca was interviewed by 2 TV stations, a radio station, and she was invited to many conferences where she was the center of attention. This started out to be very difficult and nerve wracking for her as she had to not only learn to tell her story, but how to tell her story, something she never did, she tried to hide from her heart disease and wanted to just blend in. By the end of March 2003, Rebecca learned a lot about herself, she learned not to hide from her heart condition and who wants to blend in any ways. Stand out and be yourself!

Getting ready for another Team Rebecca Fundraiser. This year it will be February 18th at the Moose Lodge in Ilion. Just a small donation of $15.00 to get in. Tons of raffle items which is also a small donation of $10.00 for 25 chances. As usual I'll also have lots of food, beer, soda and The Posers will be playing!


This year I (Rebecca) had to go to back to Boston Children's Hospital for a Cardiac Catheterization. I had some issues this past summer where I was retaining fluid. My cardiologist, said "You are living with Heart Disease, something has changed and we need to stay on top of it". So off to Boston I went.

I tried to convince myself it was no big deal and it was a good thing to be having this done - but to be totally honest, I was so scared. I have a lot going on inside of my heart and I've been told before that if the disection that I have gets any more damage it could be bad. I was so scared that would happen and ... well don't have to finish that sentence. I'm writing this so you know that didn't happen :)

End result wasn't what we were hoping for. They have added Pulmonary Hypertension to the list of events in my heart but have been told it can be treated with medication. At the writing of this I haven't started the meds yet. Still waiting for approval from my insurance or something like that.

Any ways it's been fun.. haha here are some pics from my experience.

Boston experience